There’s No Escape From The Murder Room



Fans of no escape puzzlers and horror should check out this (admittedly old) gem—Murder Room. The smartphone game is intentionally dark, both literally and figuratively.



Players are trapped in a house, and you’ve got to escape before the serial killer finds you and… well, you know. See that pig mask stranger? No prizes for what he’s up to.


Murder Room is set atmospherically dark, and the devs even encourage players to play this in the dark. With headphones. I just tried this out earlier, and all I can say is yes, the sound effects do add a whole level of creepy to the atmospheric title. Touch controls will help you navigate through the house, exploring it for the items you need to escape.


If you’re easily disturbed, the warning for the game is well deserved, though we’ll save the spoilers. Completing the game once will unlock a “Another Story” mode which is an in-app purchase.


Murder Room is available now on iOS and Android.