There’s Now an Extravagant FFVII Remake Aerith Bracelet to Match the Necklace

ffvii remake aerith bracelet

A FFVII Remake Aerith bracelet that is both elegant and expensive is on the way. The Square Enix Store is taking pre-orders for a $127.99 bracelet ahead of its July 2021 debut. It is made up of semi-precious, natural gemstones like different sorts of agate, though each one also has a charm of a lily that resembles the flowers found in Aerith’s church in Midgar.

This bracelet has about a 6.5” circumference, to help you better gauge if it will fit your hand. The different beads are made of Amazonite, green, red, and white agate, and quartz and seem as though they could call to mind the materia you’d use in the game. The charm has a yellow plating to it, to resemble the yellow lilies, but is made of SV925 silver. 

If you feel like you’ve seen a FFVII Remake bracelet before Aerith’s, you have. Back in November 2020, Square Enix sold a Sephiroth variant. It had a silver charm of a feather, to represent his one wing, and had onyx beads.

Though if someone wants more Aerith-inspired jewelry, there are still the two $147.99 necklaces. As a refresher, one has a floral theme, while the other resembles her iconic ribbon.

Final Fantasy VII Remake is available on the PlayStation 4 worldwide. Though, as a reminder, it had timed exclusivity until April 10, 2021. This FFVII Remake Aerith bracelet will appear in July 2021.

Jenni Lada
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