There’s A Special 2D Edition Of The Marvel Vs. Capcom Art Book For Sale



Fans of Marvel vs. Capcom might already have Udon’s previous Marvel vs Capcom: Official Complete Works art book in hardcover. That said, if you’re a collector, you might also want to check out the soft cover version being published soon.


The first press run of this version will have a special “Sprite” dustjacket that features new art from UDON co-founder and artist Arnold Tsang. That art being 2D, old-style sprite-based versions of the 3D characters introduced in Marvel vs Capcom 3.


This is an official tie-up between Udon and Capcom and apparently features all the characters that have ever graced a Marvel vs Capcom game now in sprite form. As a bonus, if you order the book from the UDON online store, you’ll also get their NUDO pin-up book for free. That apparently adds up to $80 worth of product for just $44.99.


You can order the special sprite edition of the book here. If you just want the dust jacket, and are willing to wait a few months, it’ll go on sale in April 2014.