thei.jpgLast month we revealed Aksys was working on localizing Theresia, a Shadowgate style horror game developed by Workjam. You know the Workjam that created Jake Hunter: Detective Chronicles and the long linage of Tantei Jinguji Saburo titles. Theresia is quite different from both of these since the goal is to help two characters escape a twisted maze by using and combining items. One is a girl who “loves her mom… a lot”. The other is Martel, a doctor who created a vaccine to ameliorate high fever for children in an orphanage. Aksys hints there is more to Martel’s story than meets the eye and his discovery had a price. Both characters are trapped in Theresia and somehow connected.


The adventure-horror game is scheduled to come out in Japan this September. Aksys plans to release it a month later on October 21. That’s a pretty fast turnaround, but Halloween is the time to sell horror games. Good luck with the expedited localization Aksys!


Images courtesy of Arc System Works.

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