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These Are Your Comrades In Nippon Ichi’s Next RPG, Battle Princess of Arcadia


Nippon Ichi Software’s upcoming side-scrolling action RPG, Battle Princess of Arcadia, is about the adventures of a young and energetic princess by the name of Plume, who lost many of her beloved soldier and followers to a giant monster. In addition to the over 900 different weapons she’ll be wielding, Plume will also have comrades that aid her in battle.



Weapon: Bow

Larts is a kind-hearted young man who became Plume’s new attendant. He’s a very earnest and quiet character, but he’s also very service-minded. Upon meeting Plume, he is immediately taken by her personality, and is willing to help her through any means. Out of all the odd people found in the kingdom, he’s one of the few with common sense.


The “Attendants” are those who serve the Battle Princess in everything from combat to everyday life. They usually consist of people who are very talented and have an excellent set of battle skills.



Weapon: Staff

Contrary to her cute appearance, Yuni is a calm character with a bad mouth. She’s an old friend of Plume’s who has the role of an “Industrial Artist” at the castle. When Larts was appointed as Plume’s Attendant, Yuni protested against the idea and decided to follow the two.


Industrial Artists are similar to repairmen, except they work on fixing the castle’s furniture and antiques. In addition to fixing things, they’re often called upon by the king to create whatever they’re asked to make.




Shiguto is the optimistic King of the Schwert Kingdom, and he’s also Plume’s older brother. He shares a rather relaxed brotherly relationship with Plume, and gets along with her very well. He was originally a human but turned into a goose after a certain event.


The kings are those who rule the lands of one the several large countries in the continent of Weltecs. It is said that each king in the content tends to have a short tenure, as they’re often plagued with sicknesses passed on from previous generations.


Here’s a look at the three key points in Battle Princess of Arcadia’s combat features:


Most of the combat in the game revolves around using combo attacks to take out enemies, while switching out between your three party members in order to clear the stages.



Each party member shares different attributes, so knowing how to use them in the right situations will be the key to success. Plume excels at using powerful combo attacks to get rid of enemies in close-ranged combat. Larts uses his bow to attack enemies who are further away or placed in higher positions, while Yuni uses her magic to sweep away enemies who are in front of her.


The controls are simple, as they only require pressing buttons a few times to connect multiple attacks. By pressing the directional buttons along with your attacks, you’ll be able to perform other types of attacks, such as launching opponents up into the air.

By leveling up,  you’ll acquire various skills  such as double-jumps and special attack actions. Each character will have their own special abilities which can be acquired as you level them  up.


Here’s a look at one of Plume’s special attacks. It is also mentioned that once you meet a certain requirement, you can do a cooperative special attack with all of your party members.


As previously mentioned, Larts excels at long-ranged attacks. Compared to other characters, his strength is the weakest, but he makes up for it by being able to shoot down aerial enemies and being able to attack from a distance.



Yuni’s primary attacks consist of shooting magic balls towards enemies. By using multiple shots, she excels at fighting in middle to close-ranged combat. She also uses a powerful finishing magic attack at the end of her combos.


Here’s a peek at a new combat feature Nippon Ichi Software will be revealing in their next update.


Battle Princess of Arcadia is slated for release on September 26th for PlayStation 3.

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