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These Aren’t Your Average Transformers, They’re Monster Hunter Wyverns



We’ve seen cars transforming into robots, and robots transforming into bigger robots; and just when you think you’ve seen it all, Bandai have released their latest line of kanji-transforming toys featuring wyverns from the Monster Hunter series. Game Watch gives us a closer look at the transforming toys that will be coming out this fall.


Bandai’s line of toys, known as “Cho Henkan!! Moji Bakeru,” which roughly translates to “Super Transformation!! Letter Disguise” is a unique series of various kanji letters that transform into different animals. They toy company recently collaborated with Monster Hunter to come up with the latest series called “Super Transform!! Monster Hunter Letter Disguise”


In celebration of Monster Hunter 4, which is slated for release next month in Japan, the featured monsters are based on some of the more popular monsters that will be in the game. The kanji symbols used for the monsters aren’t just any kanji figures either, they’re actually spell out the titles they’re given in the Japanese game.


Here’s a look at the four transforming Monster Hunter 4 wyverns:


Goa Magara


mo_03 mo_04

The kanji symbols are “黒, 蝕, 竜” which can be read as “Black, Eclipse, Dragon”.



mo_05 mo_06

Rathalos has a more simple set of kanji, which reads “雄, 火, 竜”or “Male, Fire, Dragon”.




mo_07 mo_08

Rathian’s is similar to her mate’s, with “雌, 火, 竜”which stands for “Female, Fire, Dragon”.




mo_09 mo_10

Finally, Zinogre’s kanji is “電, 狼, 竜”and it stands for “Thunder, Wolf, Wyvern”.


These special edition kanji transforming Monster Hunter 4 toys will be hitting stores this November for 400 yen, while Monster Hunter 4 is slates for release on September 14th for Nintendo 3DS.


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