Sony was, possibly still is, working on a skateboard controller of their own. We found a device similar to Activision’s Tony Hawk Ride controller in a patent application filed by Sony Computer Entertainment.


What makes Sony’s controller different is it rotates. You attach a skateboard-like controller with buttons (fig. 2) to a plastic base (figs. 3 & 4), which allows players to tilt the board. An complete set up is shown in figure 8 on top.


The patent application also lists other ideas like mounting a detachable skateboard, complete with wheels, to the base. After being used for the game, players can unscrew the board and use it in a real life halfpipe (fig. 7). Another idea was to put a reflective tracking ball on top of the board, which a camera can detect and process for game use.


sonyboard3 sonyboard4 sonyboard6  sonyboard1 sonyboard2

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