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Things Could Get Pretty Deadly In Arc System Works’ Next Escape Adventure Game



In Arc System Works’ previous Escape Adventure game, we were introduced to Wakaru Tokino, and friends who investigated a strange stone that supposedly brought happiness. Their next adventure seems like it will be quite deadly, as they search for an old friend.


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The city that the protagonist lives in has been covered in toxic gas, an the entire place has been declared a cautionary area. Wakaru and her childhood friends were ordered to evacuate, and have since then been living alongside other refugees in safety at the school.


However, prior to the whole incident happening, one of their close friends went missing. It’s up to Wakaru and Hikomichi to escape the school in order to find Shuunosuke.


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Will they be able to safely find their old friend? It seems like this time things might be a little more dangerous for Wakaru and her friends, as they still have no idea what’s behind the mystery of the “Black Mist”.


Plus, in the midst of all this, their town has completely transformed into a ghost town, with a mysterious girl wandering around…


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Similar to the previous game, Black Fog of Demise will be split between adventure, investigation, and puzzle solving parts, as you advance through the story.


Escape Adventure: The Black Fog of Demise will be released on August 28, 2014 in Japan on the Nintendo 3DS eShop.

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