Third Persona 3 Movie “Falling Down” To Premiere In Spring 2015


Earlier this Summer, Japanese theaters saw the premier Persona 3 the Movie #2: Midsummer Knight’s Dream. Atlus announced that the third movie, titled Persona 3 The Movie #3: Falling Down, will release in Spring 2015, along with an introduction for the film. [Thanks, Game Jouhou.]

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The season is now fall.


The fight between the protagonist Makoto Yuki and the Specialized Extracurricular Execution Squad, against the heteromorphic monsters known as “Shadows,” is nearing its end.


In order to put an end to the Dark Hour, Makoto and the others will face the Shadows in a fight to the death.


As the battle rages on, some will encounter the death of friends and family, while others will realize that they have someone important to protect. Again, some will face the conflict of understanding the significance of their own fight.


And a mysterious transfer student, by the name Ryoji Mochizuki, appears in front of Makoto.


As they greet a new morning, the wheel of fate turns, once more.

The fight that connects each and everyone together, begins.


Persona 3 The Movie #3: Falling Down will premier sometime in Spring 2015 in Japanese theaters.

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