This Book Is A Dungeon Combines Grisly Pixel Art With Interactive Fiction



This Book Is A Dungeon isn’t your usual dungeon crawler. In fact, it’s described as a “dark, horrific Twine-based dungeon crawler that pairs edgy interactive fiction with grisly pixel art and light RPG elements.”


The idea is to run through a labyrinth filled with otherworldly doom. You’ll come face-to-face with auto-cannibalism, demonic seduction, occult rituals, and bloodfeasting worms.


You won’t be able to see everything in the game in one playthrough. In fact, you’ll probably die a dozen gruesome deaths before even reaching one of the many endings. To prevent that, you’ll need to build up an inventory of weapons and items to battle the monsters. You’ll also need to solve a number of cryptic puzzles.


This Book Is A Dungeon was originally released as a game inside Kindle book and gained some popularity. Now its creator Nathan Meunier is bring it to Steam on October 9th. It’ll come with a free PDF that documents how the game was created from start to finish.


There’s a demo that you can download over on if you want to check the game out before making a purchase.

Chris Priestman