This Dating Sim Might Be Too Real



Dating sims tend to be very subservient to the player. It’s usually not that difficult to make the right choices to woo over a character. But dating in real life? That’s often much harder.


Romance Choice, a dating sim made in 48 hours for the Ludum Dare game jam, is closer to what your real-life experience of dating might be. It has all the awkwardness and misunderstanding that might occur between two people trying to be in love.


You talk to your lover – either a man or a woman – through a two-choice conversation system, hitting left or right to respond. The problem is that there’s not a lot you can do to reassure or comfort your lover. They seem estranged, distant, and slightly depressed.


It’s a short experience that might leave you a little confused or, on the other hand, you might totally get it. It probably depends on your dating experience. In any case, you download Romance Choice of play it in your browser using the links on its Ludum Dare page.

Chris Priestman