This First-Person Parkour Game Turns Your Movements Into Creative Building



Evan Todd has been working on his first-person parkour game Lemma for five years. Finally, on May 12th, it’ll be out in its final form for $15 on Steam, Humble Store, and


What’s unusual about Lemma is that it turns your parkour movements into creative building. By running along walls, jumping off them, climbing up ledges you extend platforms, spawn structures, and smash through walls so you can get up higher.


This is possible due to its physics-based voxel world (think Minecraft), which allows for more malleable environments than most other 3D virtual worlds. It’s a world that feels alive as you move around it, and the more fluidly you can tie together your movements the more it opens up.



There’s also a story that’s told through text messages you receive on an in-game mobile phone but Todd hasn’t yet revealed what direction the story goes in. He did say that Lemma will support Oculus Rift, have challenge levels, and will come with a built-in level editor as well as Steam Workshop integration. So if you want to create your own levels to whiz around or check out those others have made you’ll be able to.


You can find out more about Lemma on its website.

Chris Priestman