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This First-Person Shooter Takes You Through The Evolution Of The Genre


Bedlam is a new first-person shooter that ends up taking you through the genre’s evolution from the early ‘90s and almost up to now.


It’s actually based on a novel by Scottish writer Chris Brookmyre, who grew up playing video games and came up with the game idea behind Bedlam, but couldn’t realize it as a game himself. However, after releasing the novel he then had the opportunity to see it turned into a game, and so that’s what happened.


In it, you play as Heather Quinn, who works for a programmer at medical scanning developer Neurosphere, but ends up being sucked into a ‘90s first-person shooter. It starts out as a love letter to Quake 2, but then Heather discovers a glitch in the system that lets her travel between different game worlds.


A narrative then emerges that there are people who are trying to close the portals between worlds and she ends up going up against them. Bedlam also takes the opportunity to make fun of genre tropes that have occurred across the years as well as making jokes out of the types of communication you can expect in online shooters.


You can purchase Bedlam on Steam as well as on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. More info on it is available on its website.

Chris Priestman