This Horror Game Doesn’t Need Graphics To Be Scary



Dark Echo is a horror game about using sound to figure your way through dangerous levels. Essentially, it’s a game played entirely in darkness, and as we all know, darkness can be terrifying – that’s why it works.


The idea is to control your character a footstep at a time. With each step you make, the sounds it makes are visualized has lines that emerge from your foot and bounce off the environment, mapping it out for you temporarily. You can also clap your hands to achieve the same effect. You’re using sound to navigate.


But the problem is that the sounds you make can also be picked up by the monsters hiding within. If you’re not careful, you’ll alert them to your position, and they’ll come running after you.



So, to survive, you need to find a careful balance between making enough sound to figure out where you’re going, but no so much that you wake up every snarling tooth, sharp clawed thing around you.


You can purchase Dark Echo on Steam for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’s also available on the App Store for iOS, and Google Play and the Amazon App Store for Android.

Chris Priestman