This Japanese Indie Game Asks You To Fly Without Wings



Now available in the English Playism store is the 3D action-platformer Link: The Unleashed Nexus by new Japanese studio Reminisce. You can purchase it at the price of $9.99 for Windows.


The game has you awake at the bottom of a world called Haven. Here, a stone that restricts people’s thoughts called “Nexus” governs over all. Your mission is to glide and dash your way to the top of Haven while bouncing over the flying drone enemies that would stop you. The idea is to master the art of flight without wings.



There are no cutscenes or dialogue in Link: The Unleashed Nexus resulting in an action-focused experience. After playing through it once, you’re encouraged to try again and again in the game’s Time Attack mode, testing you on the skills you learn throughout the game.


Reminisce notes that development on Link: The Unleashed Nexus was a “race against the clock” and that the “controls, camera movement and seamless BGM transitions might seem a bit experimental.”

Chris Priestman