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This New Wii U Game Is About Feeding Berries To Cute Mandeer


If the creators of Cutie Pets Pick Berries are aiming to create one of the strangest Wii U games yet then they seem to be on the right track.


Out on the Wii U eShop on October 22nd, Cute Pets Pick Berries has you connecting a string of berries by tracing a continuous line on your Wii U GamePad. You have to do this as as fast as you can in order to keep progressing. Once the berries are connected they are stripped from the bush and fed to the Mandeer.


The what? Yep, the Mandeer – a humanoid deer with some impressive thighs and abs, it must be said. By reaching high scores you can also unlock Miiverse stamps. And, er, the stamps are all man, all deer – all Mandeer.

Chris Priestman