This Puzzle Game Is About A Man Who Turns Into A Cube Of Tofu


    Indie studio alchemedium has revealed its puzzle game Tofu Tail. It’s about a man who has been turned into a cube of tofu by a deceptive Kitsune fox spirit.


    Mr. Tofu, as he’s known, is doubly down on his luck as he has also been trapped inside a series of dangerous tiled mazes. As such, you need to roll him out of each one in hopes of breaking his curse.


    The catch is that only tiles the same color as Mr. Tofu can be safely traversed so you need to absorb objects of certain colors to reach particular areas. There are also creatures from various Japanese mythlore to avoid along the way.


    After three years of working on Tofu Tail, alchemedium is now looking for $10,000 on Kickstarter in order to cover the last stretch of the game’s development due to the creator’s personal money running dry.


    The plan is to get the game out for Windows, Mac, and Linux next year and perhaps other platforms afterwards. Tofu Tail is also on Steam Greenlight.

    Chris Priestman

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