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This Supernatural RPG Has Some Great Animated Portraits


Upcoming psychological horror RPG Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters was shown off at Tokyo Game Show, and the first half covers the adventure/visual novel chapter. The game – for PlayStation 3 and Vita – will be split into 13 “episodes” comprising visual novel adventure parts and battle parts. Below is a look at the first, courtesy 4Gamer.



We covered what happens in the first chapter previously–players are the new transfer student at Kurenai Academy High School in Shinjuku. On the first day, he spots a ghost while being given a tour of the school by class chairwoman Sayuri , before getting embroiled in a fight against an evil spirit. Saved by their classmate Masamune Shiga and another lady Chizuru Fukurai, players are recruited to assist the mysterious Evening Spatium Company in rooting out evil spirits.


As the video above shows, the visual novel half will cover chatting with other students and teachers, with a unique art style that has the illustrated characters constantly moving and shifting. Instead of conversation trees, however, players will adjust the flow of conversation by combining one of five emotions (such as love) and one of the five senses (touch, smell etc). That’s a total of some 25 combinations everytime the game asks for input, which will affect the paths towards the game’s ending.


Tokyo Twilight Ghost Hunters will be out 2014 for PlayStation 3 and Vita.