This Two-Player Game About Jousting On Unicycles Looks As Silly As It Should



Oars, mops, brushes, umbrellas. These are a few of the weapons you may find yourself armed with in Unfair Jousting Fair. The only consistent thing in this game is that two people will be challenged to charge at each other on unicycles with the aim being to knock the other person over.


It’s a completely silly take on the practice of medieval jousting. Horses are swapped out for unicycles. Armor is missing entirely. And the lances have been replaced with modern household items that are randomized each time you play.


Of course, with this being a post-QWOP world, the controls in Unfair Jousting Fair are deliberately difficult to master. And so they should. Have you ever tried to ride a unicycle? It’s not easy, you know – it requires confidence and an utter demand of balance. You’ll have to replicate this in Unfair Jousting Fair, but in all likeliness you’ll end up watching your character fall flat on their face.



So, it could be that the two competitors don’t even get to use their weapons at all if they can’t even reach each other. But not all is lost as seeing two characters flopping around atop a unicycle, oar in hand, makes for quite the amusing sight.


Unfair Jousting Fair is currently on Steam Greenlight.

Chris Priestman