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This Week In Imports: Dragon Quest X Brings In New Players With Compilation Pack

Dragon Quest X

This week continues the late Spring drought of major games that began around the Golden Week period in Japan, but fortunately, the Japanese gaming sphere isn’t completely devoid of big names. Dragon Quest X is releasing an All-in-One Package that includes the base game and each of the four expansions that have come out since. The latest expansion is “The Shrine Maiden of Thorns and the God of Destruction” and is set in the Demon World, which is about to become embroiled in a battle to see who will become the next Great Demon Lord, since the previous one was defeated in Ver. 2.0.

The individual releases of Kunio-kun games and Jake Hunter Detective Story titles also continue. This week, there’s also the release of the indie puzzle-solving adventure game Unreal Life, featuring a girl with the psychic ability to see past memories via objects. You can read more about that game in our report here.

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Here are this week’s Japanese imports below:

Nintendo Switch

Dragon Quest X All In One Package version 1-5


eShop Only (Switch)

Unreal Life

Double Dragon & Kunio-kun Retro Brawler Bundle: Downtown Nekketsu March Super-Awesome Field Day!

Jake Hunter Detective Story: Prism of Eyes ~Toki no Sugiyuku mama ni~


PlayStation 4

Dragon Quest X All In One Package version 1-5

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