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This Week In Imports: Of Myths and Foxes

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Compared to last week’s big release with Final Fantasy VII Remake, this week is rather quiet, with only two games of note—-the visual novels Olympia Soiree from Otomate and The Fox Awaits Me by Cosen.

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Olympia Soiree tells the story of a girl named Olympia who is living on Tengu Island, which values each person’s color of existence more than life itself. She’s the only one born with a “white color,” the most prized color on the island’s social hierarchy. On her 18th birthday, Olympia follows her mother’s advice to follow her heart and find a partner who’ll love her for who she is, so that the color “white” can live on.

Meanwhile, The Fox Awaits Me is a visual novel that actually originated in Korea on iOS and Android devices. It features Live2D animations and is written by the same team behind My Girlfriend is a Mermaid?!. One day, main Kaito wakes from a stupor in a bamboo grove with naught but a bell and a single fox girl, Shua. With this encounter, fate is sent into motion. Kaito, who has lost his memories, must do everything in his power to oppose it. Like My Girlfriend is a Mermaid?!The Fox Awaits Me includes Korean, Japanese, English, and both Chinese options in the game and will also be released on the US eShop as well, making it easy to purchase the game.

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Here are this week’s Japanese releases below:

Nintendo Switch

Olympia Soiree (+ eShop version)

The Fox Awaits Me (+ eShop version)

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