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If You Thought You Took Pokémon Seriously, Watch This



The Pokémon Dragon King Competition 2014 took place earlier this year in Japan, where school children shed blood, sweat, and tears (hopefully not too much blood) during intense sessions of card and game battles. The Pokémon Company gives us a look at what transpired during this year’s tournament.



The event started in January of this year, through multiple tournaments until the final 32 members were left standing for the big stage of the final tournament, which took place on March 22, for both categories of the Pokémon games and the Pokémon Trading Card Game.


The video starts out with the preparation of the big event, and the quote “the battle begins”. What follows is a bunch of clips showing our young Pokémon Trainers demonstrating their Poké-skills through the game and trading cards. A few hosts and MCs from the event talk about the appeal of Pokémon, and how they get to see both sides of everyone being serious while also having a blast, together with family, which gave them warm and fuzzy feelings.


…and by serious, they really mean it—just look at those poor kids crying after their loss! But it’s okay, they’ll likely come back next year for another run after putting in some EV training and all that good stuff.


Dragon King  expert Toshiyuki Moriuchi says it best at the end of the video when he notes, “While Pokémon involves the connection between people, when one loses and cries, that just shows how much effort they put into it. And I believe that those tears will be [their own] connection to their next step.”


“It makes me happy to see that they can learn about the intensity of competition, while growing through it with Pokémon.”




Oh, if you’re wondering about some of the prizes they had at the Pokémon Dragon King Competition 2014, the above is a look at one of them—a super rare, Mega Charizard X edition 3DS XL.

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