Thralled Tells The Tragic Story Of A Runaway Slave In The 1700s, Out Later This Year


Thralled is set in Brazil some time in the 1700s as the Portugese colonists are forcing slaves to work at sugarcane plantations. You play as one of those slaves, Isaura, as she tries to runaway in order to find the son that they took away from her.


It’s to be a sidescrolling adventure with a variety of challenges to take on. This includes working at the plantation, escaping, and then surviving as you attempt to traverse the wilderness.


Most notably, Isaura’s journey across the New World is distorted, becoming surreal and nightmarish due to the torment she experiences having been in captivity and separated from her child for so long. This set-up should allow for a range of different environments that you’ll have to figure out how to traverse. It also acts as a visual metaphor across which the tragic story central to the game can be painted.



Since forming the game’s idea as students, the creative team have transitioned Thralled to what it is hoping will be considered “interactive art.” Now a much larger project, the plan is to bring Thralled to PC, Mac, and OUYA in 2015. A new teaser trailer has been released that you can watch above.


You can find out more about Thralled on its website.




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