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Three Key Elements That Help Enrich Lives In Fantasy Life


Level 5 recently introduced three key elements that influence your life in their upcoming RPG, Fantasy Life, where you can take on jobs such as miner, fisherman or lumberjack, along with the usual magician, hunter and other RPG classes. These elements are: Riches, Happiness and Stars.


The first being the Riches status. It will be the currency used in Fantasy Life. Just like in real life, players will need cash in order to maintain a lifestyle. There are various ways to earn Riches, players can sell items for they’ve created or earned from defeating monsters. There will be generous rewards for taking out stronger monsters.


The Happiness points are acquired by doing good deeds and completing certain achievements. Some of these include visiting the King, leveling up for the first time, raising 1,000 Riches and so on. Upon acquiring a certain amount of Happiness points, players are rewarded with bonuses.


There will be various quests to complete, finishing them will give you Star points. Players will rank up after getting enough Star Points and will be able to take on new quests.


Additionally, Level 5 also showed off three new dungeons in Fantasy Life. These dungeons will features caves, lakes and all sorts of terrains for players to venture into, while hunting for big items.


Kiritachi Mountain:


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The entrance of Kiritachi Mountain starts the player out with a nice view, surrounded by waterfalls. He’s then shown pulling a big item acquired by defeating a tough monster. Turn it in for a hefty reward!


A Mysterious hole located on the icy mountain top. A boss monster just might be dwelling somewhere in there.


Hunting for items isn’t the only thing that players can do in dungeons. There will always be several other options to choose from, such as ice fishing.


Mabarappa Archipelago:


The tropical Mabarappa Islands will feature caves, sunken pirate ships, and all kinds of hidden treasures. Players can explore the island or simple sit back and enjoy it as a resort.



Sun Sun Desert:


Once belonged to an ancient civilization, is now a vast empty desert, full of mysterious objects and treasures. Definitely an area best suited for all the explorers out there. There’s even an oasis to rest when it’s needed.


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