Nintendo 3DS

The Three Little Pigs Get A Little Huffy And Puffy Playing Monster Hunter 4



Monster Hunter 4 is huge in Japan. We know this because there’s a special timed themed park attraction, an onsen (hot spring) you can go to, and even specially prepared food to chow down on. We never knew it was big in Fairy Land, though, until now.


Capcom have shown off a new set of commercials for the game, following the actions of the Three Little Pigs having a go at it, before the Big Bad Wolf bursts in on them.



He’s not there to eat them, though. In fact, the real reason is because he’s lonely for some friends to play co-op with! Hilariously, it appears he’s not very good at it, causing him to get beaten up and admonished by the piggies. Poor wolfie. I’ve been there. There there. Now stop slacking and kill that thing!


Monster Hunter 4 is available now on Nintendo 3DS in Japan. You can see more commercials for the game at Capcom’s Youtube channel.