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What If The Three Musketeers Were… Women?



The 63rd Rule of the Internet has finally caught up with them. The Three Musketeers, long thought of as sacred and a bloody good story, are now making their way over to the other side of the gender fence.


Developers Aquadia are re-imagining the world of Porthos, d’Artagnan and the rest in their own version called the Kingdom of the Three Musketeers. Slated for the PlayStation Mobile, this means the simulation adventure game will be out on both the Vita as well as Android phones (we’re really, really sorry iPhone lovers).



Set on the continent of Ishuhasaru, the land is carved up into 16 different countries both large and small that have maintained an often acrimonious friction as they struggle to survive. On the tiny southern kingdom of Lancaster a new queen has been crowned, Ferris, but she is young, and untested. Greedy eyes look to end the kingdom’s 300 year reign and finally swallow up a new piece of land for their own.


Other than that, we’re out of clues as to what will happen, so just sit back and enjoy the gorgeous artwork of Ferris and other characters such as Reisha Castella and Alicia Derubela who are probably Aquadia’s alternate reality versions of the musketeers.

musk1 musk2

musk3 musk4

Kingdom of the Three Musketeers is planned to be out this winter for the PlayStation Mobile.