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Three New Characters Rider Kick Their Way Into Kamen Rider: Battride War


Namco Bandai’s upcoming Kamen Rider game will have you rolling over enemies with an all-star cast of Riders and their bikes in Kamen Rider: Battride War. In a new report, Dengeki Online recently revealed Kamen Rider Fourze, along with Riders Beast and Accel.


Kamen Rider Beast


The Ancient Magician, known as Kamen Rider Beast, will be sharing his Beast Chimera powers to help his comrades. It is said that he’ll be an easy-to-use and light character.


Beast will have a versatile set of special attacks that use his mantle. The Dolphi Mantle gives him a further reach while the Falco Mantle allows him to beat down enemies while flying around freely.


The forest-based Chameleo Mantle can stun enemies for a period of time and the powerful Buffa Mantle can be charged to increase Kamen Rider Beast’s destructive powers.


His go-to move is the super special attack called Dice Saber Rush. The power will vary according to the dice.


Kamen Rider Fourze


Fourze is known for using many switches to perform various abilities. He has several forms called States, which plays a big role in his play style in Kamen Rider: Battrite War.


His default form, called the Base State is used for doing combos and using different switches in battle. The above images depict Fourze using his Gyro & Gatling Switch while attacking from above and locking on multiple targets using the Radar & Launcher Switch.


Winch & Board & Chainsaw Switch is another one of his powerful combo abilities. His trademark Rider Rocket Drill Kick also makes for a great coup de grace against enemies.

Fourze’s go-to move is called the “Raider Super Galaxy Finish”, which is used in his Cosmic State.


Kamen Rider Accel


Accel is another simple yet easy-to-use and mobile character. He uses his Accel Driver belt’s to accumulate his “Tension Gauge” that is used for special abilities. Once the gauge fills up by performing combos, it powers up his attack abilities.


The Ace Rusher is one of Accel’s special attacks that shoots an A-shaped energy force at enemies. On the right is the Accel Booster form, which can be used after filling up the Tension Gauge. In this mode, Accel can demolish enemies from above.


One of Accel’s most unique transformations is his Accel Bike Form, which can be seen at the 3:14 mark of the latest trailer.

In Kamen Rider: Battride War, the original story takes place in Chronicle Mode. There’s another mode called Rider Road Mode, where you’ll be able to power up and enhance your Riders the way you want by clearing several stage objectives and increasing their parameters. Some of the mission objectives include tasks such as completing the stage in a poison state before your health runs out.


You can get Kamen Rider figures, which can be equipped to add special abilities. There will also be occasional bonus missions that you can take on after completing stages.



For those of you that wanted Kamen Rider Wizard’s latest form, Namco Bandai has granted your wish! Kamen Rider Wizard’s mighty Infinity style and Hyper Beast will be free DLC forms, which will be available at a later date.


Kamen Rider: Battride War will be Rider Kicking its way to stores on May 23rd for PlayStation 3.

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