Throw Babies And Beat Up Dads In This Multiplayer Brawler


Dad Beat Dads is a local multiplayer brawler in which, yes, you play a dad and beat up other dads. It supports up to four players but also has a single player mode so you can go up against AI opponents.


It has nine different playable dads that each have their own daddy powers to test out. There are also a dozen maps to battle out on, either in teams, or in all-against-all punch-ups.


There are three different modes to play in Dad Beat Dads, too. Here they are:


  • Smash N’ Grab: Punch other papas and steal their babies, while protecting your own little one. It’s pan-dad-monium!


  • Diaper Sniper: A little something like dodge ball. Eliminate other dads by beaning them with the Diaper Brick. The action’s so crazy, you’ll be hitting bricks. Last Dad standing, wins!


  • Corporate Ladder: Flip the fun vertically. Reach for the stars and collect your riches while fending off other dads. Fall behind and you’re toast.


Dad Beat Dads comes out on Steam on October 19th. You can also purchase it on its website.

Chris Priestman
About The Author
Former Siliconera staff writer and fan of both games made in Japan and indie games.