Thumper Is A Bass-Heavy Game Of Space Beetles And “Rhythm Violence”



Thumper isn’t about the rabbit from the animated film Bambi but it does star a metallic space beetle. Its creators (who have worked on Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Dance Central) call it a “rhythm-violence” game on account of its high-speed, beat-matching, carapace grinding action.


Your one goal in Thumper is to kill Crakhed, which is a giant ghastly head from the future, apparently. It sits angrily at the end of a long, coiling track that weaves in deadly spirals, thinning and fattening along the way as its cuts through the dark bass waves pounding through the air. It’s the very same track that this space beetle hurtles down at rocket speed, slamming into its sides, sending sparks flying as it grinds metal against metal in a bid to hang on.



The violence here isn’t bloody but it does have a physicality. There are heavy forces at work here, clashing into each other: drum and bass versus your button presses, two strange outer-dimensional entities locked in a fast-paced dual.


Thumper has been in development for a couple of years now and it’s been looking better every time I’ve seen it. This new trailer is no exception. It should hopefully be out later this year on “whatever platforms make sense.” Find out more about the game on its website.

Chris Priestman