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Thumper To Bring Its Stylish “Rhythm Violence” To PlayStation 4



Two-man indie studio Drool has announced that it’s bringing “rhythm violence” game Thumper to PlayStation 4 in 2016. It will also be heading to PC through Steam.


Thumper has you controlling a chrome-covered space beetle as it hurtles down tracks through psychedelic worlds. The controls comprise of analog stick movement and a single button. As you match beats displayed on the track, the beetle will “thump,” which helps it to take sharp corners, essentially grinding and sliding against the sides to stay on the track.


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As you progress, you’ll need to learn new moves too, one of which involves using the beetles hidden wings. Eventually, you’ll end up facing against a giant head from the future called CRAKHED. You can get a glimpse at this enemy in the trailer above.


Being a rhythm game, the music is important in Thumper, and it features a range of what its creators are calling “thunderous drumbeats to dark synth blasts to eerie cosmic drones.” Between the pair, they have over 10 years experience working on rhythm-based games such as Rock Band, Guitar Hero, and Dance Central, and one of them is the bassist for noise rock band Lightning Bolt. 

Chris Priestman