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Tiamat Weakness and Boss Fight Guide in SMTV Vengeance

There are plenty of tough new opponents for players to face off against in Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance, but none compare to Tiamat. This is by far the most challenging boss I faced in the game. Fortunately, I have your back with Tiamat’s weakness and a strategy for how to beat this boss fight in SMTV Vengeance.

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How to beat Tiamat weakness SMTV Vengeance
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What is the Tiamat weakness in SMTV Vengeance?

Tiamat is by far the hardest boss to fight in this game, at least based on my time it. As such, you want to know its weaknesses and resistances. The problem with this is it has four different parts to it: Tiamat, its Dragon Head, Goat Head, and Camel Head. They each have different weaknesses and resistances.

Here are all of the weaknesses and resistances for Tiamat and its three heads in SMTV Vengeance:

  • Tiamat: Resists all elements except ice, which it drains.
  • Dragon Head: Drains ice, but is weak to light and dark.
  • Goat Head: Weak to physical but drains ice.
  • Camel Head: Drains ice, but is weak to fire, electric, and wind.
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How do I beat Tiamat in the Temple of Eternity?

This Tiamat fight is essentially a level check in SMTV Vengeance, even with its heads’ weaknesses. It is possible to pretty much be stuck in this fight indefinitely if you aren’t a high enough level to deal damage. I suggest your Nahobino being around level 90 for your best shot. How it works is your ultimate goal is to defeat Tiamat, but to do this you should continuously take out its three heads. This is because it can heal all of them and itself, and it has an incredibly powerful Magatsuhi Skill that will wipe your team if you don’t take care of them often. Each head you take out deals massive damage to Tiamat overall.

As you can see, ice is a no go here. Don’t even bother trying it. What I like to do is focus on a single head and go all out on it. In my case, I gave all my party members and reserve characters solid physical attacks. Then I unleashed everything on Goat Head over and over. Keep this going, and eventually the Goat Head will die so many times that it will die for good and not be revived again.

From there, switch to the next head and rinse and repeat until all are permanently dead. After this, it is a pretty easy fight to the finish to take out Tiamat. This battle is easy enough, but super long, provided you follow this formula. If you want to know if you are ready for this fight, I’d say if you can’t consistently take out a single head or even two every turn with your current party, you are not prepared and should go level grind some more.

Shin Megami Tensei V: Vengeance is available right now for the Nintendo Switch, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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