Tidus Blitzes Into Dissidia Final Fantasy’s Latest Arcade Trailer



Square Enix’s latest trailer for their upcoming action arcade title, Dissidia Final Fantasy, features Tidus from Final Fantasy X, and he shows some of his speedy movements and Blitzball attacks in battle.


The Final Fantasy X protagonist is classified as a Speed-type character and specializes in his Blitzball attacks. He is characterized by his Dash and Step abilities, and since he can interrupt his Dash Brave attacks and follow up with more Dashes and Steps, it makes him one of the more trickier and mobile characters.


His EX Skill called “Quick Trick” recovers his Dash gauge when it lands. To top it off, it also increases the max of the Dash gauge and its recovery, allowing him to continue pressuring enemies.


The video above gives us a look at some of Tidus’ moves, in the order of Double Attack, Full Slide, Leap & Rush, Accel Shoot, Sonic Buster, Leap & Dive, Leap & Rise, Spiral Cut, and his EX Skill “Quick Trick” at the end.


Here are the other character trailers shown thus far:


Dissidia Final Fantasy launches in Japan for arcade on November 26, 2015.

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