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Time-Bending Shooter SUPERHOT Launches For PC On February 25th


Time-manipulation and shooting guns. It’s the stuff of action movies (a la The Matrix) but SUPERHOT will let you experience it yourself on February 25th for Windows, Mac, and Linux. It’ll also be coming to Xbox One in March.


Sure, there have been games in which you manipulate time before, even ones that have you shooting guns at the same time. But SUPERHOT does it differently.


Time moves in SUPERHOT when you do. This means that you can stand still and so does time, of course. Due to that, it’s possible to dodge incoming bullets and other hazards if you plan ahead and observe your environment.


Each level in SUPERHOT has you outnumbered and outgunned so you’ll need to make every movement count to succeed. If you don’t, well, you’ll just have to start over and find a better way to handle all the action.


You can play the prototype version of SUPERHOT in your browser.

Chris Priestman