Time-Manipulating Assassin Game Katana Zero Slips To 2017



The new Steam page for Katana Zero, the sidescrolling action game where players can use a time-controlling drug to manipulate the game’s speed, shows the game’s release date has slipped into 2017.




The page also offers a few more details about the game. It will not use procedural generation, as each stage will be specifically crafted to increase challenge for the game’s acrobatic, instant-death combat. There will also be no backtracking or item collecting to get in the way of the lethal swordplay.




The main character will be able to wall jump, roll, and sneak throughout each stage. In combat, players can slash bullets to knock them back, slow time with the drug Chronos, and also toss pottery. When not in a fight, the game will offer a rich storyline and unique character, all who are tied into the story and gameplay in various ways.

Alistair Wong
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