Time To Get Ready For Blade & Soul’s Western Launch



It’s nearly time. Blade & Soul will be launching in North America and Europe on January 19th at 12:01am EST. Naturally, publisher NCSoft West wants to make sure you’re ready to jump in once you’re able to.


First off, the publisher has revealed that it’ll be launching with additional servers, as revealed below, and recommends that you plan ahead with friends and clan mates before heading in.


Secondly, if you’ve been playing the beta versions of Blade & Soul, you’ll want to uninstall that client and download the new one once it’s available on this page. You won’t be able to play with the older client used for the beta.


Also revealed is that there will be new hairstyles, hair colors, facial customization options, and additional skintones available in the launch client – there’s a preview in the image below.


And, as a reminder to Disciple and Master Founder’s Pack owners, you’ll be able to reserve your names starting  January 11th at 6pm PST for the North American servers, and 7pm CET for European servers.


“Names are unique within each region—it’s possible for the same name to exist once in NA and once in EU, regardless of server,” explains NCSoft West. “It will be required to log in at the Name Reservation period using the launch client (linked above), and you will be able to create one (Disciple) or two (Master) characters, choose their server, and reserve their names.”


Oh, and finally, Founder’s Pack owners will be able to start playing Blade & Soul a full three days before the wider launch. You’ll be able to get access from January 15th at 10am PST / 7pm CET in both the North American and European servers.

Chris Priestman