A Tiny Fairy Will Help You Find Your Muse In This Musical Visual Novel



The HD remaster of visual novel Symphonic Rain will once more have players acting as Chris, a young man trying to find inspiration in his musical studies at Piova Communal School of Music. Through their actions, they’ll help him master his musical instrument through practice, and hopefully find a vocal partner for his final examination in the program.



Players will join Chris in his practice and testings, playing the instrument through a musical minigame. When not playing, players will be able to talk with Chris’ musical fairy companion, as well as read letters from the girlfriend he left behind to study song. Depending on the choices players make, as well as how well they perform, it will decide which of the game’s endings they get.


This remaster of the original version comes with remade artwork, all created by the visual novel’s original character designer and artist Siro.




Symphonic Rain will be available in English on Steam on June 14.

Alistair Wong
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