Tiny Guardians Is A Cute “Tower Defense Game Without Towers”



Malaysian game studio Kurechii released its “tower defense game without towers” Tiny Guardians for iOS and Android on April 16th. It’s priced at $3.99.


The idea is to defend Lunalie as she goes on a dangerous journey to find her missing aunt the Sorceress. The catch is that Lunalie’s only weapon are Ruemas cards. These allow her to summon 12 unique heroes to protect her. But they won’t all be available at the start of the game so you’ll have to play to unlock them all.


What you will have to do from the beginning, though, is decide which three heroes you want to take with you into each level. Important to take note of is how they each play, as some use magic, some fire arrows from bows, and others will charge in with shields and swords.



The combination of heroes you pick will be critical to Lunalie’s survival as each level contains different types of enemies that certain heroes are better at dealing with than others. Across the dangerous and diverse world of Prism you’ll find beasts, circus folk, and molten abominations as you travels across the meadows of Caspid Plains, the eerie Fractured Forest, and the ashen grounds of Helix.


You can find out more about Tiny Guardians on its website.

Chris Priestman