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Tips to Start Off Strong in Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Street fighter 6
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World Tour Mode is a sprawling, free-roaming, fighting game RPG in Street Fighter 6. You’re able to wander the streets of Metro City and the world beyond, picking fights, growing stronger, and meeting main characters who’ll teach you their movesets. What moves should you use, though? When things get tough, what should you do? What should you have been doing to avoid getting in those rough spots to begin with? We’ve got a few strategies to help you make you an unstoppable force in your global search for strength.

Make Smart Decisions When Designing a Street Fighter 6 World Tour Character

You’ll start this mode off by making a character. This character creator will let you make some wild creatures that you can style after favorite characters, beloved fighters, or even yourself. Then again, you can also make some hulking monstrosity with massive arms and legs. It’s wide open, but this is one of the first important decisions you’ll be making for your character. Your leg and arm length dictate your reach in the mode’s fighting matches. If your character is massive, they’ll be a massive target. As soon as you start making your character, you can build advantages and disadvantages into them based on how you create. It’s something you should keep in mind right from the start.

If you make a character that feels clunky in a fight, are you stuck, though? Street Fighter 6 doesn’t want you stuck with a bad build throughout World Tour. Style Lab Beauty Salon on Beat Street (the Times Square-like location most of us know from the demo) allows you to change your character for 1000 Zenny (the mode’s currency). It’s highly affordable, and you can tweak the character into any shape you like as many times as you want. So, if you make something for a joke and its proportions end up being a pain, don’t feel like you can’t change it. It’s also nice if you just want a change of pace. This mode is fairly extensive, so sometimes it may be good to change up your character.

You may have to accept that your character will look a little bit stupid, though. That’s because the gear you wear isn’t just cosmetic, but boosts defensive and offensive stats. If you head into Drippin’ Style, you’ll see lots of different hats, shirts, pants, and more you can wear. Some of these will have stats that are clearly better than others. I have basically looked like sasquatch in a mini skirt and an off-duty MMA McDonald’s manager at times. The boosts were too good to turn the clothes down, though. Always keep an eye out for shops with better gear, and prepare to swallow your pride to get the best bonuses.

Screenshot by Siliconera

Screenshot by Siliconera

Be Prepared to Power Up Your Gear

If you have a look that you like, though, there is a way to preserve it in World Tour Mode in Street Fighter 6. You can power up pieces of gear by consuming other gear and items that you get from fights. This can allow you to strengthen a piece of equipment that you like so that’s it’s comparable or better than the stupid hat you were thinking of buying and wearing. You can find this feature when you’re in the shops buying clothes, so it’s worth looking into before you buy some goofy new outfit. Plus, it makes use of the other equipment you’ll steadily pick up throughout the game.

That said, you’ll need money to improve gear or to buy new stuff. Money comes fairly easily from beating up other fighters, but it doesn’t come too quickly. If you need to make Zenny fast, there are part-time jobs you can take on. These are minigames that are varying levels of fun and complexity. If you want to just make money ridiculously fast early on, though, you’re going to want to head to Junkyard Smallz near the bottom center of the Metro City map. With his job, you smash up a truck as fast as you can. The more damaging moves you hit it with, the higher the score and the more money you make. You can easily make 2500-3500 Zenny in about thirty seconds doing this job. There’s no source of cash that works that fast from fairly early in the game. Ten hours into World Tour and I’d still stop there periodically for about five minutes to make a boatload of money to buy anything I wanted for the next few hours.

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Screenshot by Siliconera

Items Can Save You in a Pinch in Street Fighter 6 World Tour

It’s good to have cash on hand to buy items as well as gear. Street Fighter 6 lets you use items in the middle of a fight in World Tour mode. Losing to Manon’s throws? Pop a healing item, eat something to increase your defense, or slam some treats to boost your offense. It feels extremely strange to stop a fighting game match to heal, but you’ll need it as some of the enemies can get pretty tough in this mode (and sometimes fight you two or three at a time). Many of the little shops in the game sell fairly good items for around 1000-1500 Zenny, so keep yourself stocked up for bad times. Check the various restaurants in the game for their takeout menu to see if they have anything worthwhile to buy to keep you in a fight.

As for the fights themselves, they can get pretty chaotic. As I said, you can find yourself battling several enemies at once. While this is a fighting game, you’re walking streets inspired by a sidescrolling beat ’em up: Final Fight. That means you need to start acting like it by keeping all your foes on one side of you any time that you can. If you get surrounded, things will get bad fast. Try to hop over your foes to avoid getting surrounded. Plus, you can hit multiple enemies with the same attack. You’re going to want to bunch enemies up and dispatch them faster.

Street Fighter 6 World Tour

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Be Prepared to Fight Everyone, but Check the Criteria First

While some people will just chase you down and start a fight in Street Fighter 6‘s World Tour mode, you can also challenge folks on the street. Why not throw down against that hot dog vendor? Before you do so, it’s worthwhile to hit Triangle before attacking them. This gives you a list of special criteria you can do in a match to get bonus items and Zenny. You can check this against foes during a fight by pausing, but I found this was easier to do in advance and helped me decide if I should pick a fight with someone just for their reward. The tasks tend to be easy, too: get so many knockdowns, land so many punches or kicks, do so many hard knockdowns. You just want to know what to do before the fight gets rolling. The bonus items will definitely help keep you going, and all for very little extra effort.

Once you’re ready to fight, know that you can select from all sorts of different moves. As you play through this mode, you’ll meet the various main characters as Masters. Once you meet a Master, you’ll gain a move from their moveset. For instance, you start with a lot of Luke’s basic strikes. As you meet more Masters, you can freely equip your character with moves from multiple characters. I liked mixing Manon’s grabs with Marisa’s armored punches, with a little Blanka electricity thrown in as a fun surprise. You’re free to do whatever you like, so it’s worth equipping different moves often. You can only have one move per input type, though, so make your selections based on their input.

Pay Close Attention to Your Masters

You don’t just equip skills from Masters in World Tour in Street Fighter 6. You can also equip a Master like a piece of gear. This changes your basic punches and kicks so that they will work like your Master, so you can even adjust your basic fighting style to suit a given Master. Equipping a Master gives you experience in their style (as does fighting opponents who use a Master’s specific style), and as you gain levels, you get more story moments and get new moves from that Master. I really liked getting to know the characters, so equipping Masters I wanted to learn more about, both as combatants and as people, was important to me. If you want to get stronger (or have your sasquatch walk on his toes like a ballet dancer), you’ll want to pay attention to this element.

Your Master doesn’t just passively watch from afar. Once you reach a certain Style level with a master, you can call them to fight alongside you in a match. They’ll pop in for a few seconds and help you paddle your foes, then depart. I initially hoarded this ability, but it honestly refills very quickly after using it. I’ve been able to call the Master in multiple times during longer fights, so feel free to use it frequently to turn the tide in your favor. You have to get food or level up to heal most of the time, so anything you can do to avoid damage is a smart decision.

Screenshot by Siliconera

Screenshot by Siliconera

Street Fighter 6 World Tour

Screenshot by Siliconera

Take Advantage of RPG Elements and Level Grind if Needed

If you still find you’re having trouble with Street Fighter 6‘s World Tour mode, you can grind for levels. It’s just a lot slower than gaining items and calling in help. That said, you do gain some perks as you gain levels. You can choose between several skills using points you gain from leveling, and these can boost punch strength, kick damage, improve healing items, give you more drive gauge uses, and more. You really can’t go wrong with juicing up your basic strikes early on, and abilities you don’t select early on have a tendency to pop up later in your choices, so you don’t often miss out on something permanently. All the boosts are good, though, so I found it very hard to go wrong with your choices. Just lean into what you like to do and go from there.

If you want those levels faster, I honestly found it worked best to push Story Mode missions. You gain some fairly big rewards from them (like bigger cash rewards and access to new Masters), and they were often the least challenging elements of the game. You’ll grow quickly pushing through story mode and occasionally stopping to get some cash for items and gear. It was the Side Missions that would leave me beaten down and defeated. These can get quite hard compared to normal activities, but with items and some help, you should still likely persevere.

See What’s Happening During the Days and Nights, and Don’t Be Afraid to Revive!

If you’re a completionist, you’ll want to check the streets day and night in World Tour in Street Fighter 6. You can get different quests during the day or nighttime, so always flick between the two to make sure you did everything. I found that doing these quests would give some decent rewards that were far more valuable than grinding random foes.

If you do happen to die in a fight, though, you can spend an in-game revival currency, Miles, to get back in a fight. You build these in all sorts of ways (including just walking around), but it takes 10k Miles for a single revive. You usually come back with the enemy at the exact health level you had them at when you died, so you can usually mop up a fight easily this way. It’s kind of slow to build up miles, though, so I found it was far better to stay alive with items and Master assists instead.

There’s a lot you can do in World Tour in Street Fighter 6, but with these tips, you should be well-equipped to punch and kick your way to the top of the fighting world. Even if you do look like you raced here after working a shift at your local burger joint.

Street Fighter 6 is available on the PS5, PS4, Xbox Series X, and PC.

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