Titan Souls Gets A Demo Ahead Of Its April 14th Launch On PC, PS4, PS Vita



You’ve hopefully read what Siliconera made of Titan Souls when playing it at the end of last year. But now you can try it out yourself by downloading its PC demo from Steam for Windows and Mac.


Oh, and if you like that and have money to spare, you can slap down $14.99 on a pre-purchase on the same Steam page, too. And if you don’t do pre-orders then you won’t have long to wait for it anyway as it’s out on April 14th. That should be for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation Vita as well as Windows and Mac.


Publisher Devolver Digital has also marked the demo’s arrival with a new trailer that you can watch above. It shows how Titan Souls started out as a prototype made for the Ludum Dare game jam back in 2013, and how much it has changed since then. You can still play the prototype in your browser and, in fact, the new demo is that exact prototype remade with everything that’s been added since then.



Titan Souls is a lot like a 2D version of Shadow of the Colossus in that you are trapped in an ancient land in which you are tasked with travelling to the locations of titans to battle them. The main conceit of the battling is that you have to find their weaknesses using a single arrow that you have to retrieve after launching it.

Chris Priestman