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Titan Souls Marries Retro Zelda With Dark Souls And Shadow Of The Colossus



Acid Nerve and Devolver Digital have released a new gameplay trailer that shows off a bunch of the colossal titan fights in upcoming action-adventure game Titan Souls.


As a lone adventurer armed with just a single arrow, Titan Souls provides you with a mighty task: to defeat the titans in order to restore the shattered Titan Soul. If it all sounds a bit Dark Souls, then you’re right—the game is heavily inspired by From Software’s RPG.


As such, the titans you fight are powerful and daunting, and you’ll need to experiment to find their unique hidden weaknesses as they attempt to crush, burn, and otherwise destroy you. “Dash and run from the titan’s attacks but do not fear death, as it is both inevitable and plentiful in Titan Souls,” developer Acid Nerve says.


Acid Nerve has also taken inspiration from Shadow of the Colossus. While the game looks and plays more like an older Legend of Zelda title, before taking on each titan, you’ll need to explore arcane ruins to find where they’re hiding out. There are no other enemies to take on outside of the titans but there will be plenty of secrets to discover.


Titan Souls was originally created for the Ludum Dare game jam in December last year under the them “You Only Get One”, hence you only having a single arrow to use. You can still play the free prototype here.


It will be coming to PC, PS4, and PlayStation Vita in the first quarter of 2015. You can find more information on the game on its website.

Chris Priestman