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To All Mankind Introduces Its Prologue And A Tour Of Delapidated Akiba


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    Nippon Ichi Software and Acquire’s new game To All Mankind got some new info this week, on the topic of its prologue, gameplay, and characters. A teaser movie for the game has also been revealed. [Thanks, 4Gamer!]



    When I woke up, I was in a hotel room in Akihabara.

    “That’s right, I believe we were going to tour Akihabara together.”


    I overslept a bit, but we’ll be exploring the streets together, eating tasty food… Yup! Just thinking about it makes me excited! Everyone else is up, so let’s go to Akiba!


    …Huh? Was Akihabara like this? The “Akihabara” we’re seeing before our eyes looks deserted. The grass is growing freely, it’s delapidated, there’s no sign of other people, nothing.


    Where did everyone go? Was Akihabara a place like this…? I don’t really know what’s going on, but anyways lets enjoy this trip together!


    The Journey Through Akiba


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    All around the girls is an Akihabara deserted and in ruins. In order to embark on this light survival journey, you’ll need to look around the town and see what sort of supplies are available.



    Akihabara Streets

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    The famous Chuo-dori looks quite different in this changed Akiba. Even Akihabara Station’s sign is all messed-up.


    Places to Explore

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    Akihabara still has various familiar-looking spots even in its ruined state, although it seems its impossible to reach the upper floors in most buildings. Search the town and the dungeons within.


    Doujin Shop


    to all mankind 20 to all mankind 21


    to all mankind 22


    The doujin shop has lots on info on how to survive.


    Farming in the city center

    to all mankind 23


    It seems you can find seeds to grow vegetables, but how do you do so?


    to all mankind 24


    You can even fish in Kanda River.


    to all mankind 25


    to all mankind 26 to all mankind 27



    You can combine and create tools to help with survival, and these tools increase the number of things you can do.


    Here are some more screenshots for story events:

    to all mankind 28

    to all mankind 29

    to all mankind 30

    to all mankind 31


    Here’s the teaser trailer:


    To All Mankind releases in Japan on May 30, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch.

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