To The Moon Developer Freebird Games’ Next Title Is Imposter Factory


imposter factory 2


To The Moon and Finding Paradise developer Kan Gao from Freebird Games recently announced their next game, titled Imposter Factory.


Check out the main visual below:

imposter factory 1

Currently, it’s unclear whether this game will be separate or connected to the other games, but regarding Imposter Factory, Kan Gao wrote, “It’s only logical that this next title from Freebird Games will be filled with bloody murders.” Combined with the main visual, it seems that this game may be a horror title.


Furthermore, a preview of the title theme was also revealed by Freebird Games:


Recently, apart from announcing Imposter Factory, Freebird Games has been working with illustrator puré to create the ‘Paper Memories’ comic collection for To The Moon and Finding Paradise that is now available on Steam as an add-on for To The Moon. You can find the page for the comic collection here.


Imposter Factory is currently in development.

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