The Tokimeki Memorial series is getting its first new title in a while, and this time it’ll be in the form of a new idol game called Tokimeki Idol for smartphones. Here’s a new trailer for its gameplay.


In Tokimeki Idol you’re the producer of 15 idol candidates at the Princess Public Music Institute. Your job as the producer is to do everything you can to help them become idols and this requires getting to know them better and building trust as a producer.



You can choose various outfits for the live performance with a variety of customizable options to choose from. The live performance parts are done in simple rhythm game fashion, but they can also be set to automatic so you don’t have to play them. The performance is then followed by a communication event where you’ll get to hang out with the girls.




The trailer shows a communication event at the end where the player catches Akiha Yuuki heading home. You get the option to walk her home, and after reaching the nearby park you get to ask her a question about her: Interests, about becoming an idol, or her three-sizes.



Tokimeki Idol launches in Japan this winter for iOS and Android.

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