Tokusatsu TV Studio Managing Game Chroma Squad Is Coming Out On April 30th



    With the trailer above, Behold Studios has announced the release date of its tokusatsu TV studio managing game Chroma Squad. It’ll be coming to Windows, Mac, and Linux on April 30th. It will also be coming to other platforms later on in the year but they are yet to be revealed.


    Chroma Squad is a tactical turn-based strategy game in which you run your own TV studio where you film TV series’. As the game is inspired by ‘90s Tokusatsu TV shows, like Power Rangers, Changeman, and Captain Planet And The Planeteers, your TV series features sentai heroes.


    You need to manage the set, purchase cameras, hire actors, and get the special effects sorted out. As with Behold’s Knights of Pen & Paper games, there’s also plenty of humor and some tactical battles mixed in with trying to make a profit and keep your fans happy.


    Chroma Squad was successfully funded on Kickstarter back in 2013. So, if you weren’t one of backers with a copy already on the way, you can pre-order Chroma Squad on its website with optional extras at higher prices.

    Chris Priestman

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