Sega has released two videos showing off the ‘100m Freestyle’ and ‘100m Track’ sports as depicted in their upcoming Tokyo 2020 The Official Video Game.


The videos star Takeshi Matsuda, former Japanese Olympics medalist who won medals in 200m butterfly, as he explains tips for doing well in the game. It seems that the game will have a more technical element compared to its cartoonish counterpart with the Mario & Sonic series.


Here are the videos below:

100m Freestyle

Players will need to flick the left and right sticks upwards at the right timing. A Spurt gauge charges at the top, which you can activate when you need a burst of energy near the end.


100m Track

100m Track is much simpler, focusing on button mashing during the last stretch (and because 100m is so short, it’s near immediate.)


Both videos show off a custom-made avatar based off Matsuda’s appearance, and players will also get to customize an avatar of their liking in the game itself. As previously announced, the above two events are just two out of the 16 total events playable.


Tokyo 2020 The Official Video Game releases in Japan on July 24, 2019 for PlayStation 4 and Nintendo Switch for 4,990 yen. The game is expected to release worldwide.

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