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Tokyo Chronos’ Fifth Character Is Class President Sai Kamiya



MyDearest recently started a Kickstarter campaign for a VR mystery visual novel called Tokyo Chronos by Sword Art Online producer. We’re introduced to its fifth character in its latest update.


Sai Kamiya (CV: Romi Park)


He is the class president at his high school and the son of a well-known politician. Having handsome looks, an intelligent mind, athletic prowess and very few if any faults, he is the perfect person. Considered the brains among the 8 friends, in the past he used to lead the group alongside Sakurai. With the deep, personal connections he has, any problem is easily solved.

In the Chronos world though, something doesn’t seem right with him…


In addition to the reveal, Sai Kamiya’s voice actress Romi Park shared a message of support:



Tokyo Chronos is expected to launch in February 2019 for PlayStation VR as well as Oculus and HTC Vive via Steam. It’ll support Japanese, English, and Chinese language options. You can check out more about the game’s story and characters in our previous report.

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