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Tokyo Clanpool Will Have You Make Tokyo Great Again By Breaking Demon Tower Walls



Following the teaser with a golden egg, Compile Heart revealed Tokyo Clanpool and we have more details about the game’s party members in this week’s issue of Dengeki PlayStation.[Thanks, Hachima.]


In case you missed it earlier, Compile Heart and Dengeki are teaming up for a brand new brand called DenPile, and Tokyo Clanpool is its very first title.


The game is set in the near-future, where the protagonist is a beautiful girl president of an organization called “Cyber Tactics Cabinet” that was made to fight against monsters and rebuild the fallen government after a mysterious upside-down city appeared from the sky and took over.


Using a Cyber Smartphone, the president Natsume Kannuki will be able to transform and challenge the demonic “Dark World Parliament Tower” that connects the world with the upside-down city that suddenly appeared.


The genre is listed as a dungeon crawler, and the game offers a unique system that lets you make holes on walls and floors. You’ll also get to jump over cliffs found in this dungeon crawler.


Your dungeon exploration will be broadcasted to the mass, and the citizens of Tokyo will judge your moves. There’s a screenshot that shows a percentage of “approval rating” in this feature, and the higher your ratings are the more bonuses and money you’ll get.


Parties consist of up to four members. Here are some of the key characters of the game:

  • Natsume Kannuki (CV: Manami Numakura): The game’s protagonist. She’s the first prime minister of the Cyber Tactics Cabinet. She’s slightly slovenly and careless.


  • Chiyo Saionji (CV: Yoko Hikasa): Chiyo is the daughter of a big enterprise. She’s strong-minded and hates the crooked. She takes on the role of Chief Cabinet Secretary.


  • Hotaru Urushihara (CV: Aimi Tanaka): She’s the minister of defense, but one who lacks confidence and is always flustered. Hotaru has a timid personality and constantly observes the mood of those around her.


  • Mikuri Kirigakure (CV: Aya Uchida): The Minister of Foreign Affairs who is a quarter foreign blood. She’s a gentle-mannered kind girl who loves Japanese culture, but her senses can be a bit off at times.


The four characters above are members of the “Congress Dolls.” The group’s base is called the “Kagihabara Q-Box” and you’ll take the fight to the monster-filled Dark World City Hall.” The game offers a variety of skins and changing through them is part of its customization elements.


Tokyo Clanpool launches in Japan in 2017 for PlayStation Vita. Catch up on more about the game in our previous report.

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