Tokyo Dark Joins The Square Enix Collective; Offer Your Feedback



Tokyo-based studio Cherrymochi has joined the Square Enix Collective in the hope that it might help to boost the crowdfunding effort for the upcoming anime style horror adventure game Tokyo Dark.


Joining the Square Enix Collective means that Tokyo Dark could acquire the support of Square Enix when it goes to Kickstarter if it acquires enough “Yes” votes in its 28-day period. The question the Collective campaign asks is: “Would you back this project through crowdfunding?” You can vote “Yes” or “No” to this question, but you can also offer further feedback to Cherrymochi that may help the team to make it more appealing.


“We’re hoping to work with Square Enix during our Kickstarter and beyond into distribution,” Cherrymochi founder Jon Williams told Siliconera. “I think Tokyo Dark is quite a good fit for Square Enix fans, so we’re excited to be collaborating with them. We’ve got some new art up on the Square Enix campaign showing features we’ve not announced publicly before;  train travel around Tokyo and Detective Itō`s apartment / personal life.”


You can find out more about Tokyo Dark in our interview with Williams from last year.

Chris Priestman