Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War Game Modes Explained



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Funimation Entertainment and GameSamba have finalized the name for the upcoming mobile game based on the Tokyo Ghoul anime series, in addition to revealing new details about the game’s modes. Titled Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War, the game will feature several multiplayer modes in addition to a single player storyline.


The single player and multiplayer modes are described by the developer as follows:

The first is the single player quest/story mode, which will take players on an episodic journey where they’ll face an onslaught of human or ghoul foes in real-time action-RPG combat. Players will be able to control a party of characters, and unleash powerful special skills.


Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War will also feature a variety of multiplayer modes. The first is a traditional player vs player (PvP) arena, where players can compete against one another in fights, to see who has the stronger team. The other multiplayer mode is an experience inspired by MOBA gameplay, and players will participate in 1v1, 3v3, or 5v5 matches against other players as they attempt to take out the enemy team.


Tokyo Ghoul: Dark War is expected to release this winter on Android and iOS devices. Players interested beta opportunities can sign up for the game’s newsletter on the official website.

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