Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE DLC Missions Save Players Quite A Bit Of Time



Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE has some DLC that helps make players a little more powerful. Grinding in games can get exhausting for some people. The opportunity to pay $2 to make things a little easier could be appealing. Especially considering you can only have three active party members at a time and eventually have seven Mirage Masters on your side. You might want the opportunities quests like EXPeditious Hunter, Masterful Hunter, and Savage Hunter might afford.


The good news is, you aren’t just handed the key to victory with Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE’s DLC quests. You still have to put forth a little effort for your rewards, though it’s far less than you’d need to otherwise expend. It just means more time spent in these specific dungeons, and less time going through story Idolospheres.


Here’s how each of these three Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE dungeons works. Your party enters. All enemy encounters will award a specific reward related to this dungeon. These items may also appear in the four corners of the dungeon, on the floor, for a limited amount of time. (Gold bars, which are worth $50,000 each, may also appear on the floor instead.) The more time you spend in this dungeon, the stronger the enemies may get. The twist is, the higher your characters’ levels and skills, the more time you have to spend to get enough reward items to make a difference.


It’s almost like the increasing level is a means of controlling people’s time spent in these bonus Bloom Palace dungeons. They do offer an easier and faster means of improving the party, but handled in such a way that you’re encouraged to only use it to catch up. Certainly, someone could keep tackling this dungeon to reach an astronomical level in the first few chapters of Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE, but I ended up using it more as a boost. Are my characters at the recommended dungeon level for a boss? Am I frustrated by the foes I’m facing? OK, I’ll go through EXPeditious Hunter a few times, boost everyone up two or three levels, and now I’ll be fine. Since leveling only happens after a battle, you even need to make time to fight after applying the items to a character, so they can reach that new level and have more tomes and books applied.




My favorite of the three isn’t the rather obvious EXPeditious Hunter, though I will admit a fondness for anything that allows me an opportunity to get through a dungeon in one run-through, given my age and schedule. It’s Masterful Hunter. Going through this dungeon and defeating its foes grants skill books that increase a Carnage’s experience. This means it’ll learn skills more quickly, allowing you to move on to new weapons. At one point, I found myself with two weapons both Itsuki and Kiria had yet to master. Some time spent in Masterful Hunter’s dungeon netted me enough items to move through their backlog.


EXPeditious Hunter is equally wonderful, though. I’m mainly using it as my catch-up dungeon. My favorite characters are Itsuki, Kiria, Eleonora, and Touma. This means Tsubasa, Mamori, and Yashiro end up falling behind. Instead of spending more time getting these characters up to speed, in the event they need to be swapped into a fight, I spend ten minutes in the EXPeditious Hunter dungeon. That’s it. They’re done and I’m set.


This leaves Savage Hunter as a place for more advanced Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE players. All of the enemies here are savage and incredibly strong. Beating them gives you Detritus, which you can eventually trade in for stat-increasing incense in Harajuku. Given the difficulty, this dungeon is really for those who want to both test themselves and get the best of the best. To be perfectly fair, I haven’t spent much time here. It serves an absolute purpose, but only for people ready to go above and beyond.


All three of these quests act as a helpful supplement for Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE players. People who want or need that little extra help can get it. It isn’t too expensive and can make a huge difference. But, you also need to go through quite a bit of battling to make the easier improvements, so it isn’t like you’re completely sidestepping the work. It’s more of a facilitator for people who want to enjoy the game and go through everything properly, perhaps even on the harder difficulty levels, but don’t have the time to grind.


Tokyo Mirage Sessions #FE is immediately available for the Nintendo Wii U.

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